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Air Conditioning and Furnace Experts

When you need help from a trustworthy air conditioning and furnace contractor, turn to The Furnace Shop Inc. We are well-known HVAC experts in Cheyenne, WY. For years, we have helped home and business owners bring their broken furnaces and air conditioning units back to life again with our repair services. We also do parts replacement. We have been serving Cheyenne for over 30 years, so expect the best from us.

Your Ally Throughout the Year

Your heating and air conditioning units are doing a lot of work throughout the year. They are the ones responsible for making the temperature bearable inside your home even when it is freezing or burning outside. Since your comfort depends on these equipments, it is only right that you take proper care of them. If you need help in doing so, remember that we are always here. We are your allies all year-round.

Consult HVAC Specialists

Are you bothered by some weird noises your HVAC system is producing? Do not ignore these signs. Instead, call HVAC specialists like us to have your system checked immediately. Those noises can be signs that there is something wrong with your system. It is best to address the issue before it gets too late. Dial (307) 634-1798 for more information.